Interior Landscaping

Interior landscaping or indoor landscaping (also known as plantscaping and interiorscaping) can improve your buildings look, perception of visitors and air quality.  Studies show that natural environments of a calming influence as well as health benefits.

The visual nature of plants can reduce stress and improve moods to increase workplace productivity and patron satisfaction.  Plants can reduce dust levels, noise pollution, remove carbon dioxide and increase creativity.  Studies have also shown the direct correlation between employee health and increased customer spending.  In a study on the impact of indoor landscaping in retail environments, consumers visit more frequently, stay longer, rate the quality of the products 30% higher and are willing to pay about 12% more for goods in landscaped retail spaces as opposed to non-landscaped.

Fingerlakes Landscape & Design can provide you with indoor landscaping design and implementation to create the perfect environment, whether it be water features, stone walkways, or pergolas. With the weather climate in the area, we spend a lot of time indoors especially at work.  Over the years, we have seen the development of interior landscaping in malls. medical facilities as well as municipal buildings.  Not only is this an investment in your building, but an investment in your employees’ health and your patrons’ satisfaction.