Pergolas & Arbors

Pergolas and arbors are great addition to any outdoor living space and are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Whether it be your paver patio, deck, pool side area or stone walkway, pergolas and arbors can enhance those areas while providing shade and places for plants to flourish.  In the backyard, we can build a pergola over a patio or seating area to provide a bit of shade and shelter. When you want to direct traffic from one part of your property to the next, a pergola can turn an otherwise drab walkway into an intriguing passageway. You might even have us install a pergola over your front sidewalk as a unique way to welcome guests into your home.

Fingerlakes Landscape can design and install pergolas and arbors to meet many needs in various areas.  Pergolas, also known as an architectural arbor, makes a versatile choice and can include a latticework roof or trellis structure where climbing plants can be trained to grow.  Pergolas can also provide shade to open areas and bring together your seating areas.  Arbors can provide areas to add additional plants and flowers to create a relaxing environment.