Retaining Walls

At Fingerlakes Landscape & Design, we build structural/retaining walls in a wide variety of sizes and materials including natural or cut stone, treated timbers, poured concrete, and precast blocks in assorted colors and textures.  A structural/retaining wall can help you to reclaim lost space for properties on a grade.

Terracing a steep incline with structural/retaining walls can create level areas that are not only perfect for planting beds, but much easier to maintain.  Properly designed and installed structural/retaining walls can add graceful architectural elements to your landscape while improving its overall usefulness. Retaining walls can be incorporated into lakefront development to control natural elements.  Our capabilities include:

  • Landscape Wall Retainers
  • Multilevel Terracing
  • Radial Design
  • Columns, Planters, Stairs & Landings

Careful engineering and design are very important, especially if your structural/retaining wall will be supporting major structures on your property. Fingerlakes Landscape is here to help you consider all of the construction materials available and we can expertly design a structural/retaining wall that blends in well with your landscaping while addressing the uses you have planned for the area.