Snow Removal & Salting

Snow removal and salting are important in the long winter months.  Not only is it important to be able to get around but also get around safely.  Whether it be commercial or residential plowing, you can count on Fingerlakes Landscape to be on time to clear your parking lots, driveways and private roads.  Salting is also important to remove ice and other slick surfaces the plows cannot clean.

 Hiring a snow removal service means:

  • Less work for you and more cost effective.  Buying and maintaining equipment can be very costly and still means you have to do the work.
  • Snow and ice are very hazardous and can be a safety issue and cause accidents that you could be potentially be liable for any injuries.  Safety and reduced liability are great reasons to hire a service.
  • A clean property after a storm gives the impression to people you care about them and your property.
  • Snow removal services provide efficient maintenance to your property.  The sooner snow is cleared, the less likely it will turn into ice or more difficult to remove.

Snow removal is also important for roofs because the weight of the snow can cause the roof to collapse or leak.  Having your roof cleaned of snow and ice is far less expensive than repairing.